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Whether looking to build a new identity or to reposition an existing brand, MRG Consulting Group can help you to assess, design, and maintain a strong and successful brand that extends throughout your organizational, product, print, and web applications. This begins by gaining a thorough understanding of the business, products or services, current marketing plans, and competitive market environment, so that we can adequately assess the scope, deliverables, and your expectations. We will help you to create a brand management and training plan so the brand is a consistent and flexible long-term solution and your employees learn to be champions of your brand.


Customized Design Plans for your Business

Assessment and Development of Brand Architecture

Ideation of new Graphic Elements

Enhancements to Current Graphics

Brand Manual and Training

Graphic Design for Marketing Applications, Print or Web

Graphic Design for Business Collateral and Presentations

Copywriting for Blogs, Marketing, Web

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Product Brochures

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Product Brochures

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Branding Package

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Marketing Collateral

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Design enhances customer experience and emotional feelings of services or products. You can influence a perception of your brand by communicating the right messages clearly and consistently.


Graphic design is about finding the best way to communicate the message of your business and speak to your audience with strength and clarity - from stationary and mailers to brochures and packaging.


Design is about staying-power. The web customer must be attracted to a highly-usable interface that works quickly and logically whether they are looking at email campaigns, marketing banners, or websites.

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